Antonella Iannarino is a consultant on digital strategy: social media management, website project management and development, content and editorial strategy, ebook publishing and other projects that help clients build their online presence. Whatever the medium—print books and magazines to websites, mobile applications, social media and other developing digital and commerce platforms—she is passionate about helping authors, artists, and creative agents publish their ideas and voices. Whatever the project, her interests and strengths are to challenge clients to develop their best work, to help them navigate the right path for reaching their audience, and to seek out new tools  for doing so.

Previously as an agent at the David Black Agency for eight years, her areas of interest included commercial and literary fiction (especially mystery, thriller, and the 20-something zeitgeist), young adult and middle grade fiction, romance, cooking, lifestyle, and nonfiction (narrative, humor, and some memoir). With a special focus on digital initiatives, she represented authors in mobile apps and e-originals, and pursued website project management, and digital branding and social media strategy and consulting. As the digital brand manager for bestselling author and journalist Mitch Albom, she has helped successfully raise over $700,000 in micro-donations campaigns for charitable work in Detroit and Haiti. During her time with the agency, she assisted with the successful publication of bestsellers The First Phone Call from Heaven and Have a Little Faith (by Mitch Albom), In the Garden of Beasts (by Erik Larson), and The Last Boy (by Jane Leavy); award-winning novels such as Hush Money (Chuck Greaves) and Hard Twisted (C. Joseph Greaves); the bestselling mobile apps Baking with Dorie [Greenspan] (Howzer), Italian Cooking Italian with Giuliano Hazan (CulinApp), and Appetites’ Pie (with Evan Kleiman, Clear Media); and the digital publications of Paddle Fit (Williams & Wente), Obstacle Fit (Pete Williams), Evan Handler’s Time on Fire and It’s Only Temporary, and New York Times notable Tip O’Neill and The Democratic Century.